Property Maintenance – Tenants

Property Maintenance – Tenants


If you have a property maintenance issue to report please contact us in the first instance. Use our Report Issue link or contact us via email or telephone. We will contact your landlord and arrange repair/replacement as soon as possible.

Please see below what to do in the event of an emergency, paying particular attention to what constitutes an emergency.

Report Maintenance Issue

Emergency Repairs

Callouts after hours and during weekends/bank holidays should only be for an emergency situation.

An emergency is a situation where the property needs immediate attention to prevent further damage to the property or harm to an individual.  This may include a gas leak, water coming in, total power failure, etc.  An appliance not working does not constitute an emergency (please note that “appliance” includes boilers).

If a tradesman visits the property and the situation is found not to be an emergency, tenants will be liable for the callout charge!!

Emergency Contact Numbers:

  • Fire – 999
  • Gas Leak – 0800 111 999
  • Criminal Damage/Theft – Contact your local police office
  • Anti-Social Behaviour:
    • South Lanarkshire Council – 0800 242024
    • North Lanarkshire Council – 0300 123 1382
    • Glasgow City Council – 0800 0273901

If you smell gas, contact Transco Gas Emergency on 0800 111 999 immediately.  Open all windows and doors to let air in.  Make sure all gas appliances are turned off and, if possible, turn the gas off at the mains.  Do not turn lights on or off or use other electrical switches.  Do not smoke or expose any kind of naked flame.

Should a water leak occur within the property please turn off the stopcock immediately.  Should the problem threaten to damage the property please call 07824 442741.  If water is entering your property from a property above please advise the residents above immediately (our contractors cannot access their property).